“..awash with the enduring style of Echo and the Bunnymen,”
- Kelly Rae Smith, Charleston City Paper, January 2015

“Great classic power pop music is a tough proposition. One man’s Cheap Trick, Raspberries, Badfinger or Big Star is another man’s cloying top 40 schlock. Well, guess what? The Head get it right. They make me feel like it’s 1979 and I’m digging through my closet for my very best skinny tie. And that, my friend, is a very good thing.”
- Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, The Baseball Project, Miracle 3)

“Atlanta’s youngest rock & roll veterans,”
- Blurt Magazine, November 2013

“An open-minded pack of skillful players who are determined to create their own hybrid,”
- Ballard Lesemann, Metronome Charleston, November 2013.

“Reminiscent of the peppy hits from the 1960s golden age of pop…fun, harmony-rich power-pop that insists you dance the night away,”
- Nadia Breeland, Creative Loafing, September 2013.

“Masterful stuff that by all rights should be embraced by anyone that’s going to see the Big Star movie at the Plaza, or got excited about Dwight Twilley at the Mess-Around, or cared about the Shoes’ last album, or ever liked decent music in the first place,”
- Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer, September 2013.

“The Head exemplify the DIY work ethic,”
- Peterson Worrell, The Blue Indian, August 2013.

“[The Head] have put together a release full of addicting harmonies and jangly guitars,”
-Underground.FM Blog, August 2013.

“The Head continue to make bristling music that will grow on you like Georgia kudzu,”
- Kevin Triebsch, Examiner, August 2013.

“Idealistic, catchy power-pop never sounded this good from what has to be Atlanta’s best kept secret,”
- Kevin Triebsch, Examiner, February 2012.

“The next level in an intensely growing catalog, Hang On takes everything The Head learned on Puckered and Stockwood and amplifies it 10,000 times. If this is any indication of what these guys are capable of, then the news is out and the future is clear: The Head have the ability to go as far as groups like Oasis and The Strokes did before them,”
- Adam Marx, New Rock News 43, August 2011.

“Charming and shiny. This bright-eyed Atlanta trio have mastered the beloved science of catchy, toe-tapping melodies plus rich vocal harmonies,”
- Jon Young, Spin Magazine, July 2011.

“There are scant few others doing power pop as well as they are right now.”
- Jeff Clark, Stomp & Stammer, June 2011.

“Atlanta power-pop band hits gold with sophomore album. Each of the twelve tracks on Hang On works as a singular, well-constructed power-pop gem,”
- Mark Rozeman, Emory Wheel, June 2011.

“The Head should be in heavy rotation on your iPod. The band evokes memories of great mid-’90s post-grunge acts with their fun, upbeat, guitar-driven sound. Interwoven with top flight production and a music sensibility that is wise beyond their early college years, you will be blown away by just how good The Head is,”
- Bill Bodkin, Pop Break, July 2011.

“Atlanta’s new power-pop powerhouse. The Head’s latest release, Stockwood, is a terrific triptych that shows there is still altruism and fun in pop music. The record is a canapé till the release of their forthcoming LP due out this spring.”
- Taylor Haag, Performer Magazine, March 2011.

“The memorable music chimes, sparkling like the best AM radio hits from the bell bottom decade, but the threesome injects a youthful energy that keeps it fresh and modern.”
- Shane Harrison, AJC Live Music Picks, January 13, 2011

“Man oh man, they write some fantastic, poignant, harmony-fueled guitar pop.”
- Jeff Clark, Stomp & Stammer, January 2011

“The Head will make you want to wear shades. They’ll make you play air drums. They’ll make you need to dance. You know, like when you were a teenager.”
- Al Kaufman, Atlanta Music Guide, January 08, 2010

“To say I was instantly charmed by young Georgia threesome The Head is a bit of an understatement. Jacob Morrell and twins Jack and Mike Shaw have produced an endearing sound that shows great artistic potential, a talent that perhaps belies their young ages. Jack Shaw sits comfortably at the kit, impressively delivering lead vocals on a good portion of the band’s repertoire, with Mike Shaw punching the keys and bass (along with vocals) and Jacob Morrell picking up the lead guitar and backup vocals. With a little more refinement and some added life experience, The Head stands poised to take on the Atlanta and national indie rock scene by storm, one track and live show at a time.”
- Heidi Drockelman, Indie-Music.Com, Fall 2009